Ukulele Tab: Funeral March Of A Marionette

We all know it as the theme to the Alfred Hitchcock TV show from the 50s & 60s, but the actual title is Marche Funèbre d’une Marionnette, or Funeral March of a Marionette. This short piece was originally composed by Charles Gounod in 1872 for solo piano, and scored for orchestra a few years later.

There is a an amusing storyline that goes along with the music.

During the introduction: The Marionette is broken; it has died in a duel.

Minor section: There are murmurs of regret from the troupe and the funeral procession begins.

Major section: The troupe stops to take refreshments.

Minor section: The troupe finishes the procession and returns to the house.

The original composition is in D Minor; this arrangement for Tenor Ukulele is transposed to A Minor. It is a bit challenging but very fun to play.

Download the ukulele tab for Funeral March of a Marionette


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