Zager ZAD900CE



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Presenting a masterpiece of craftsmanship and innovation, the full-size dreadnought is not just any guitar; it's an experience. Revered as the most popular guitar size globally, this instrument comes packed with features that are sure to captivate both beginners and professional musicians.

Superior Construction Crafted with solid wood, its tone not only resonates beautifully but also matures and sounds better with each passing year. The hand-carved bracing ensures greater movement of the soundboard, offering a richer sound output. Accentuating its elegant design is the Venetian cutaway box, which not only looks sophisticated but also allows players to delve deep into the box, ensuring easier playability.

Advanced Sound System At the heart of this guitar lies Fishman’s groundbreaking AURA Digital Sound Imaging System. It provides the unique capability to download thousands of sound images directly from the Fishman online library. These sounds have been crafted and mixed in Fishman's state-of-the-art multi-million-dollar recording studios. Whether you're looking to emulate the sound of legendary tracks or create a distinct tonal quality, the possibilities are endless.

Electrifying Features With the genuine Fishman transducer system embedded, this guitar seamlessly transitions to an electric avatar, ready to be plugged into any amplifier or PA system. The in-built Fishman automatic tuner guarantees perfectly tuned strings in seconds, even training beginners to develop a pitch-perfect ear. The genuine Fishman equalizer system is a game-changer, offering infinite sound possibilities, and empowering you to dial the exact tone you desire.

Exquisite Details The guitar boasts intricate details commonly found in high-end instruments:

  • Hand-carved bone nut and saddle.
  • Hand-laid abalone inlay rosette paired with pearl fret markers.
  • Luxurious ivory binding detail and a stunning zipper stripe running down the back.
  • World-renowned Grover tuning machines, ensuring the very best in tuning precision.

User-friendly Design The slim neck design feels like an extension of your hand, making chord formations more natural. Custom string spacing ensures increased speed, accuracy, and significantly reduces rattles. With the Zager soft touch fret design, say goodbye to string bites and finger fatigue. The adjustable truss rod lets players customize the action to suit their playing style, while the special ultra-thin high gloss finish further augments the body's movement, delivering a profound sound.