Teton STS203NT



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This guitar boasts a traditional dreadnought body size and shape, renowned for its robust sound and balanced tonality, making it a favorite among guitarists of various genres. The top of the guitar is crafted from solid mahogany, a wood known for its rich, warm tones and superb resonance. Complementing the top, the back and sides are also made from solid mahogany, enhancing the guitar's overall depth and sustain.

The fingerboard, a critical component for playability, is made from laurel wood. This choice of wood provides a smooth and comfortable playing experience, ensuring clear note articulation and a responsive touch. The neck, carved from mahogany, offers a sturdy and reliable feel, perfectly complementing the body's tonewoods.

Adding to its aesthetic appeal, the guitar features elegant maple binding that not only enhances its visual charm but also contributes to the instrument's structural integrity. The bridge, made from laurel wood, matches the fingerboard and provides a stable and precise anchor for the strings.

Finally, the nut and saddle are crafted from ox bone, a material chosen for its ability to transfer string vibrations efficiently, thereby improving the guitar's overall tone and sustain. This combination of carefully selected materials and classic design elements results in a guitar that is not only visually stunning but also offers a rich, immersive playing experience.