Taylor Academy 10e



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Introducing the Academy 10e, an exceptional acoustic guitar thoughtfully designed to cater to newer guitar players while captivating experienced musicians as well. Embodying the classic Dreadnought body shape, this instrument promises a rich, resonant voice that will inspire beginners to hone their musical skills. The Academy 10e boasts a perfect balance of comfort and versatility, making it an ideal companion for any aspiring artist's journey.

Crafted with a solid spruce top, this guitar produces an abundance of volume and exquisite articulation, ensuring a delightful musical experience across genres. It stands as a testament to its broad sonic range, offering players the freedom to explore and experiment with different tones.

A remarkable feature of the Academy 10e is its slender Taylor neck, designed with the players' ease in mind. The slightly narrower nut width of 1-11/16" allows for effortless chord transitions and smooth note fretting, elevating the playing experience to new heights. Moreover, the thoughtful inclusion of an armrest alleviates pressure on the strumming arm, allowing for longer, more comfortable playing sessions.

For those seeking an acoustic guitar that keeps up with the modern age, the Academy 10e goes beyond expectations. It comes equipped with an ES-B pickup, featuring a built-in digital tuner, adding convenience and precision to the tuning process. Whether performing on stage or recording in a studio, this remarkable pickup ensures you're always in tune and ready to captivate your audience.

Furthermore, to protect and transport this treasure, the Academy 10e comes complete with a gig bag. No matter where your musical journey takes you, your cherished instrument will remain safeguarded and ready for your next performance.

In conclusion, the Academy 10e is an outstanding acoustic guitar tailored for newer players seeking an instrument that inspires growth and exploration. Its inviting playability, resonant sound, and modern features make it equally appealing to experienced musicians who yearn for a versatile companion. The Academy 10e is more than just a guitar; it's a doorway to musical excellence and an instrument to cherish for a lifetime.