Taylor 517e



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Introducing the Taylor 517e, a remarkable acoustic guitar that stands out with its exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive tone profile. Crafted with solid Urban Ironbark back and sides, a torrefied spruce top, and boasting the renowned Grand Pacific dreadnought body shape, this guitar promises an unparalleled musical experience that sets it apart within the Taylor line.

Players will immediately notice the 517e's unique and captivating tonal character. It offers a muscular yet sweet response that resonates with remarkable balance across the entire tonal spectrum. This results in a harmonious blend of power and clarity, providing musicians with the best of both worlds. Whether strummed gently or played with vigor, the guitar consistently delivers a well-rounded and rich sound that captivates both the player and the audience.

Taylor has equipped the 517e with their innovative V-Class bracing, elevating the guitar's sonic capabilities even further. This bracing design not only enhances the instrument's power but also extends its sustain, unlocking more of the Ironbark's rosewood-like qualities. The combination of V-Class bracing and the warm character of the Grand Pacific body creates a seasoned and inviting sound that will inspire musicians to explore their creativity.

Beyond its impressive tonal qualities, the 517e also boasts elegant and thoughtful detailing. The guitar features subtle appointments, such as a green abalone rosette, faux tortoiseshell binding, and Marquise inlays in Italian acrylic, adding a touch of visual appeal to the instrument. These finishing touches complement the guitar's overall aesthetic and contribute to the overall package.

Furthermore, the 517e comes equipped with Taylor's reliable ES2 electronics, ensuring seamless amplification for performances and recording sessions. The instrument also comes with a hardshell case, providing the necessary protection for the guitar, making it travel-ready for musicians on the go.

In summary, the Taylor 517e is a true gem among acoustic guitars, offering musicians a distinctive and engaging playing experience. From its solid Urban Ironbark and torrefied spruce construction to its Grand Pacific body shape and V-Class bracing, every aspect of this instrument has been meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional sound. With its harmonious blend of power, clarity, and warmth, the 517e is the ideal choice for players seeking a guitar that exudes both quality and character.