Taylor 210ce K (2013)



The Taylor 210ce-K Acoustic-Electric Guitar presents a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary features, making it an exceptional choice for musicians seeking both power and nuanced tonal clarity. Here's a closer look at what sets this guitar apart:

  • Classic Dreadnought Volume with Clear Treble: The Taylor 210ce-K enriches the classic dreadnought design with its robust volume and bass response, while still maintaining the crystal-clear trebles and open midrange that define the Taylor sound. This model is particularly responsive to flatpicking and a wide range of strumming intensities, making it versatile across various musical genres.
  • Built-in ES-T Electronics System: Equipped with Taylor's ES-T electronics, the 210ce-K excels in live performance settings. The under-saddle pickup captures the guitar's natural sound in detail, allowing for precise tone shaping with bass, mid, and treble controls. Additionally, a phase switch is included to easily address any tone issues on stage, ensuring consistently great sound.
  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top: The choice of a solid Sitka spruce top for the 210ce-K is pivotal in achieving its clear and balanced tone. This top complements the koa back and sides by providing a sound that's open and full, ideal for a variety of musical styles.

Key Features of the Taylor 210ce-K Acoustic-Electric Guitar:

  • The guitar boasts a bright and balanced voice, thanks to its dreadnought body style, which offers powerful volume and projection.
  • A graceful Venetian cutaway not only adds to the guitar's visual appeal but also ensures easy access to the upper frets.
  • The combination of a spruce top with koa back and sides results in a guitar that not only sounds fantastic but also stands out with its exotic and visually striking appearance.
  • The onboard Taylor ES-T electronics system provides excellent amplified sound, complete with flexible tone shaping options.