Taylor 112ce-S



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Taylor's Grand Concert acoustic guitars have captivated many players with their precise, articulate sound and comfortably compact dimensions. Nestled among this beloved collection is the 112ce-S, a model that epitomizes acoustic excellence at a value that is particularly appealing to newcomers. The meticulous construction of the 112ce-S reveals a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and playability, inviting players to explore and express their musical journey with ease and confidence.

At the heart of the 112ce-S lies a solid spruce top, a distinguished feature that imparts a bold, punchy sound, echoing with balanced and clean overtones. Every note articulates a story; every chord resonates with a character that is as versatile as it is dynamic. It is a haven for fingerstyle players, whose delicate touch will dance gracefully across the strings, evoking sounds rich in clarity and expression. Flatpickers and strummers too will find a companion in the 112ce-S, as it responds with an alacrity that translates every stroke into musical poetry.

One of the quintessential attributes that defines the 112ce-S is the slender Taylor neck. Crafted for comfort and playability, new players will find a welcoming embrace that encourages exploration, while experienced players will appreciate its responsive, relaxed feel that promises a seamless translation of technique and emotion. Each fret, each curve, is a testament to Taylor’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

With the inclusion of ES2 electronics, the 112ce-S offers the option to plug into an amplifier or PA, assuring an authentic acoustic tone that remains untainted and pure. Every performance is an intimate serenade, and every audience, a witness to acoustic fidelity.

Every 112ce-S is accompanied by a lightweight yet robust structured gig bag. Designed to be the guitar’s faithful companion, it offers optimal protection, ensuring that the journey between home, lessons, and performances is as secure as it is effortless. It’s not just a case but a sanctuary, where the 112ce-S awaits the touch of the player, ready to unveil worlds of musical ecstasy.

With the 112ce-S, every strum is a symphony, and every note, a narrative. It’s more than a guitar; it’s a partner in your musical odyssey, echoing the soul’s unutterable melodies with grace, vigor, and eloquence. Join us, and let the 112ce-S be the voice of your musical sojourn, echoing the silent sonnets of the soul with every strum, every note, every melody.