Martin SC10E-02



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Unveil a masterwork of acoustic craftsmanship with this exquisite guitar. Boasting an S-13 Fret Cutaway body style, this instrument presents a fluid fusion of playability and aesthetics. Cloaked in a gentle satin finish on both its top and back, it mirrors a sophisticated yet understated allure. Its meticulous construction is defined by the Sure Align® Linear Dovetail Neck Joint, ensuring a seamless connection between the neck and body, optimizing tonal transfer and playability.

Delving deeper into its anatomy, the bracing pattern showcases a Tone Tension X-Brace, harmoniously combined with a Treble Side Scalloped X-brace shape complemented by Non-Scalloped Tone Bars. These features together ensure the guitar produces rich, resonant sounds with ample sustain. The scale length is a classic 25.4", providing a balanced feel between string tension and playability.

Made from the richly textured Sapele wood, the top, back, and sides of the guitar exhibit a uniform grain pattern, blending durability with a warm tonal character. The neck, carved with precision, has a Low Profile Velocity shape, paired with a High-Performance Taper, ensuring maximum comfort and ease for both chordal and lead playing. Its fingerboard width at the nut measures 1 3/4'', offering ample space for fingers to move with grace.

To elevate the acoustic capabilities, this guitar is equipped with state-of-the-art Fishman MX-T electronics. This ensures that when amplified, the natural acoustic sound is authentically replicated, capturing the nuances of every note played.