Martin D1 Authentic (Pre-Owned)



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The Martin D-1 Authentic 1931 is a masterful recreation, capturing the essence of the iconic dreadnought – one of the most pivotal steel-string guitar designs in history. It pays homage to the 100-year legacy of the dreadnought, mirroring the specifications of the 12-fret design that predates the more common 14-fret configuration introduced in 1934.

Crafted with precision, this model boasts a back and sides made of genuine mahogany, paired with an Adirondack spruce top that undergoes a specialized treatment with Martin’s Vintage Tone System. A Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, bridge, and headplate grace the guitar, evoking the classic aesthetics of its predecessors. Every piece is meticulously assembled using hide glue and finished with a lustrous, ultra-thin Vintage Gloss for an authentic touch.

In hand, players will immediately notice the substantial neck, measuring a full 1⅞ inches at the nut and characterized by a subtle V profile. This feature caters to those with a preference for the substantial, vintage-style neck girth over the sleeker, modern alternatives. A generous string spacing of 2³/₈ inches at the saddle, reminiscent of vintage Orchestra Models, adds to its unique playability.

Acoustically, the D-1 Authentic 1931 is a powerhouse, offering a remarkable dynamic range. When caressed gently, the strings yield a direct, yet robust response, a characteristic accentuated during fingerstyle play, filling each note with a rich, full-bodied resonance. When played with vigor, the guitar’s potential for volume becomes apparent, proving its capacity to adapt to varied playing intensities while maintaining a complex and layered tone.

In essence, the D-1 Authentic 1931 is not just an instrument but a journey back in time, an opportunity for players to experience the rich history and celebrated craftsmanship that has defined Martin's legacy in the world of acoustic guitars.