Martin D-42 Modern Deluxe



The D-42 Modern Deluxe by Martin represents an extraordinary fusion of historical artisanship with cutting-edge innovation, appealing to guitar lovers who appreciate a blend of the old and the new. At its core, this guitar pays homage to Martin's legacy of acoustic excellence, enriched with modern technological enhancements for improved sound and playability.

Featuring a spruce top treated with the Vintage Tone System® (VTS), the D-42 Modern Deluxe echoes the tonal essence of historical guitars. This, alongside its construction with natural protein glue and a traditional dovetail neck joint, ensures the instrument delivers the deeply resonant, age-matured sound synonymous with Martin's prestigious history.

Visually, the guitar sets itself apart with luxurious European flamed maple bindings that grace its body, fingerboard, and headstock. Elegance is further amplified by gold frets, open-gear tuners, and a beautifully intricate pearl inlay of an ornate torch logo on the headstock, highlighting the guitar's unique place within Martin's collection.

The integration of ultra-modern elements like Liquidmetal® bridge pins with abalone dots, and a composite carbon fiber bridgeplate, mark a leap forward in enhancing the guitar's volume and resonance. Moreover, an innovative, slightly asymmetrical neck shape offers unmatched comfort and ease of play across the fretboard.

The D-42 Modern Deluxe stands as a testament to Martin's ability to blend time-honored craftsmanship with the latest advancements, offering musicians a guitar that respects the rich, musical traditions of the past while embracing the performance demands of the contemporary player. It's a striking example of how Martin continues to lead in the evolution of guitar making, respecting its heritage while pushing the boundaries of acoustic sound and design.