LR Baggs Element Undersaddle Pickup with EndPin Preamp & Volume Control



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Advanced Undersaddle Pickup with Unrivaled Dynamic Range

Common undersaddle pickups depend on string attack to directly compress the sensors for their sound. This direct pressure is the root cause of the infamous “quack”. In contrast, L.R. Baggs' patented Element derives output from the soundboard's movement and rejects string attack to minimize quack. Its flexible film sensor, thin as a human hair, mirrors the soundboard’s movement as you play to capture the guitar’s actual voice and its most delicate nuances. In addition, the pickup’s minimalist construction removes most of its influence on the acoustic properties, creates an intimate coupling between the sensor and guitar for the highest fidelity possible, and makes the Element amazingly reliable. Every pickup is made in L.R. Baggs' California factory and is pre-tested in a guitar for output and balance.