K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup Transducer



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Introducing the Pure Mini 3-head transducer, a truly exceptional and award-winning pickup designed exclusively for steel-string acoustic guitars. Renowned for its unmatched performance, this signature pickup is installed on the guitar's bridge plate, offering an unparalleled guitar sound that is rich and remarkably natural – all without the need for a preamp!

Praised by our valued customers as the finest passive pickup available in the market, the Pure Pickup presents a hassle-free plug-and-play solution for musicians seeking a warm and full-range signal without the complexities of adjusting onboard electronics or the inconvenience of battery replacements.

Strategically positioned on the bridge plate, the Pure Pickup achieves an exquisite balance in capturing sound, effortlessly encompassing all the strings without any harsh or percussive overtones. This ingenious design also allows it to "listen" to the soundboard, skillfully amplifying the distinct characteristics of your guitar. As a result, the output is a beautifully warm and full-range signal that faithfully represents the true essence and character of your beloved instrument.

With the Pure Mini 3-head transducer, experience a level of sound quality and simplicity that sets a new standard in acoustic guitar pickups. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a passionate beginner, this exceptional pickup ensures your music resonates with pure, authentic brilliance, making it an essential addition to your musical journey. Embrace the natural beauty of your guitar's sound with the Pure Pickup and let your music soar to new heights.