Gold Tone OB-3



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In late 2018, Banjo Ben Clark, Jake Stogdill, and Robby Boone came up with a brilliant idea to replicate JD Crowe's original RB-3 banjo, also known as "Banger," which is considered one of the most iconic banjos played by one of the most iconic banjo players of all time. Gold Tone took on this challenge and after thorough research and meticulous attention to detail, they succeeded in reviving this classic banjo. What sets this banjo apart is its "No Hole" tone ring, which significantly improves the sustain. With vintage inlay, nickel-plated hardware, slanted resonator walls, concentric resonator rings, a Presto tailpiece, and a brown mahogany finish, this banjo stays true to the original measurements on the headstock, neck, and body. It comes with an archtop hardshell case.