Gibson J-200 12 String



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In 1994, to mark its 100th anniversary, Gibson released a series of commemorative instruments that paid homage to their rich history while incorporating modern features. Among these, a standout was the 12-string guitar, a nod to Gibson's prestigious flat tops first introduced in 1937. This instrument, known for its exceptional quality and sound, reflects the esteemed craftsmanship of Gibson's Bozeman era.

This guitar boasts a large jumbo body, with a 17" lower bout and varying depths of 5" at the bottom and 3.5" at the heel, designed to produce a massive tone ideal for strummers. The top is made of Sitka spruce, known for its resonant quality, while the back and sides are crafted from beautifully flamed maple, complete with a marquetry center strap for enhanced projection and rich bass response. The instrument's sound is characterized by its balanced definition across both treble and octave strings.

Visually, the guitar is just as impressive. The body is fully bound and features the iconic mustache bridge, inlaid with mother of pearl, alongside a floral pickguard. The interior houses an X-bracing system and a commemorative label, affirming its special status. Despite its age, the guitar remains structurally sound, free from any issues thanks to careful preservation by its original owner.

The neck of the guitar, constructed from three pieces, features a rosewood fingerboard adorned with mother of pearl inlays, all in excellent condition. It maintains a straight profile with low action, measuring 5-6/64" at the twelfth fret, ensuring comfortable playability. The untouched saddle, clean frets, and fingerboard underscore its sparing use and meticulous storage. Completing its player-friendly features are a 25.25" scale length and a 1 7/8" nut width.

This 12-string Gibson, with its blend of historical reverence and modern craftsmanship, stands as a rare and exceptional example of the brand's commitment to quality and innovation throughout the years.