Furch Blue OM CM



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Introducing the Blue CM, Furch's most cost-effective yet high-quality, solid-wood instrument. Crafted from the finest materials, the soundboard of this acoustic guitar boasts high-grade western red cedar, known for its exceptional tonal qualities. Complementing the soundboard, the back and sides are adorned with high-quality African mahogany, known for its warmth and resonance.

Unique to this model is the Open-Pore Finish, a feature that leaves the wood pores exposed, allowing for the preservation of the inherent acoustic properties of the tonewoods. The result is a guitar that offers not just a beautiful aesthetic, but a rich, full-bodied sound across the entire tonal range, with a slight emphasis on the lower frequencies.

The Blue CM is more than just its solid woods. It is a testament to Furch's commitment to innovation and quality. Proprietary design features and production technologies have been incorporated into this model, including a unique soundboard voicing process and the revolutionary Furch CNR System® neck joint. These contribute to the guitar's superior playability, stability, and tonal resonance.

To top it off, the Blue CM presents a stylish amber look, highlighted by tasteful appointments made from black walnut and faux tortoise. The resulting aesthetic is as pleasing to the eye as its sound is to the ear, making the Blue CM not just a musical instrument, but a work of art. Experience the rich blend of affordability, craftsmanship, and remarkable sound quality that the Blue CM brings to your fingertips.