Furch Blue GC-SW



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This exceptional acoustic guitar is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship, blending high-quality materials with innovative design and production technologies. At the heart of the guitar's construction is the meticulously selected, solid tonewoods used for the body of the instrument. The soundboard is made from high-grade Sitka spruce, renowned for its superior tonal qualities and vibrant resonance. Complementing this, the back and sides are crafted from high-quality black walnut, further enhancing the rich, full-bodied sound profile.

The beauty of these solid woods is showcased through an Open-Pore Finish. This technique leaves the wood pores exposed, preserving the natural acoustic properties of the tonewoods. Not only does it contribute to the sonic excellence of the guitar, but it also lends a distinctively natural aesthetic, with each guitar boasting a unique grain pattern and coloration.

The guitar features proprietary design features and employs groundbreaking production technologies. The unique soundboard voicing is tailored to bring out the best in each tone, ensuring balanced midrange frequencies and excellent projection. The revolutionary Furch CNR System® neck joint also contributes to the guitar's outstanding resonance and sustain, maintaining stability while facilitating ease of play.

The stylish look of the guitar is underscored by refined appointments made from black walnut and faux tortoise. These details add an elegant touch, enhancing the visual appeal of the instrument without compromising its sonic performance.

Overall, the combination of these high-quality solid tonewoods, proprietary technologies, and sophisticated aesthetics results in an acoustic guitar that not only produces a beautiful musical sound across the entire tonal range but is also a joy to play and behold.