B&D Silver Bell No. 1 Plectrum



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  • Round Hole Flange
  • 22 Frets
  • Plating is Good
  • Presto Tailpiece
  • 26″ Scale
  • 11″ Rim
  • 1 1/4″ nut
  • Friction Tuners

The B&D Silver Bell No. 1 Plectrum banjo is a high-quality four-stringed instrument that is commonly used in various genres of music, such as Dixieland, jazz, and folk. It is made of high-grade materials, including a maple resonator and neck, and features a tone ring that enhances the instrument’s projection and sustain. The banjo’s distinctive sound is produced by plucking its steel strings with a pick, also known as a plectrum, which is where the name “Plectrum banjo” comes from. The B&D Silver Bell No. 1 Plectrum banjo has a rich history and remains a popular choice for musicians who appreciate its unique sound and craftsmanship.