Laura Pradia

Laura Pradia

Laura is passionate about teaching students to unlock the variety of musical flavors that can be achieved in a single song through music theory and improvisation. Laura enjoys playing a wide array of styles including classical, pop, jazz, country, and Celtic fiddle. She loves exploring fresh ways to present classic favorites.

Growing up as the fourth of nine children raised in a military family, her upbringing fostered adaptability, resilience, and a love for collaboration. Through making music with her siblings and friends, she developed a strong foundation as an ensemble player. Beyond her musical pursuits, Laura finds joy in baking macarons, diving into classic literature, and expressing her creativity through art, and social dancing.

Laura has performed with several youth orchestras including the Hill Country Youth Orchestra. She currently performs solo and in ensembles for weddings and events, and plays with Alamo City Arts’ Symphony Viva. Laura loves traveling all over the hill country bringing beautiful music everywhere she goes!

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