Daniel Voeller

Daniel Voeller has been playing music since he was four years old. However, the first instrument that he truly loved was piano, which he started when he was six. When he was nine, he began playing for his church on a regular basis, and he still plays music for his church weekly.

When he first began banjo at the age of nine, he immediately loved it. At the age of fifteen he became the Texas State Banjo Champion. Later that year, he placed top five nationally. He and his sisters started a band in 2017, and have enjoyed traveling around the country sharing their music with people, playing concerts and teaching group classes.

His favorite thing about music is its limitlessness. No matter how much you play, there are always new sounds to be discovered. He enjoys experimenting with chords and improvising, trying to find the best sounds he can, but he also loves to show others how they can also achieve great things with the banjo, no matter what their individual goals are.

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