Aaron Harness

aaron harness guitarAaron Harness is a passionate and versatile musician with a career spanning over nineteen years. His journey in music is as diverse as it is impressive, marked by ample experience in playing the acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, as well as the ukulele.

Aaron’s musical education is rooted in an in-depth exploration and practice of a variety of genres. He’s immersed himself in the rhythmic and soulful world of R&B, the uplifting and spiritual atmosphere of praise and worship, the heartfelt simplicity of country, and the intense and powerful realm of metal. This eclectic mix of musical styles has not only shaped his skill set but also enriched his teaching methodology.

As an instructor, Aaron is committed to fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment. He tailors his teaching approach to fit the individual needs and goals of each student, ensuring a personalized and enriched learning experience. Aaron believes in nurturing the unique musical voice within every learner, guiding them to explore, express, and elevate their musical abilities.

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